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Heber Avenue Condominiums is a unique two-unit condo project located in the heart of Old Town, Park City. This charming neighborhood is the epicenter of the local tourist experience, offering easy ski on/ski off access via the town lift that runs towards the bottom of Main Street. The area is home to a vibrant mix of restaurants, bars, galleries, and shops, making it the quintessential off-slope destination in Historic Park City. The seamless integration with world-class skiing is one of the standout features of living in Old Town. With easy ski on/ski off access via the town lift, residents can effortlessly transition from the charming streets to the exhilarating slopes, providing unparalleled convenience for outdoor enthusiasts. Old Town boasts a rich mining heritage, and many buildings proudly display their Historic Society ribbons, adding a nostalgic charm to the streetscape. The area's unique architecture, including well-preserved miner's cabins and Victorian-era homes, creates an enchanting backdrop for residents and visitors alike. Living in Old Town offers close proximity to vibrant nightlife, world-class restaurants, and boutique shops on Main Street. The high availability of nightly rental zoned properties in this area presents a promising opportunity for real estate investors, with strong rental rates during peak seasons. This charming neighborhood captures the essence of Park City, offering a captivating blend of history, outdoor adventure, and cultural experiences. It's a place where the past intertwines with the present to create an unforgettable destination for those seeking a unique living experience in Park City.

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