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Wanship is a charming subdivision located in the Wanship Hoytsville neighborhood of Park City. This subdivision offers a variety of properties, including existing rental houses and mobile homes, making it ideal for new construction. The properties in Wanship also include horse barns, corrals, and pasture areas, perfect for those with equestrian interests. One of the standout features of Wanship is its beautiful natural surroundings. The subdivision borders a year-round creek with mature willow trees, providing a serene and picturesque environment. The area is also known for its open meadows and mountain landscapes, offering residents a true Utah mountain farm house feel. The homes in Wanship vary in style and design, but many of them feature open floor plans and large windows to take advantage of the breathtaking views. Some homes even have custom hand railings made from materials harvested on the property, adding a unique touch to the interior. Outdoor living is a key feature in Wanship, with many homes boasting multiple decks and outdoor entertaining areas. Some properties even have additional features such as a charming grill house from Finland, perfect for hosting gatherings and enjoying the peaceful surroundings. The subdivision also offers access to private trails for hiking or horseback riding, allowing residents to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the area. In terms of amenities, Wanship offers a range of options. Some homes have hot tubs, surround sound systems, and wine storage, while others have spacious garages and abundant storage space. The subdivision also allows for various uses of the properties, such as having a herb greenhouse, garden, or chicken coop. Despite its tranquil setting, Wanship is conveniently located just minutes away from popular attractions and activities. Residents can easily access Redstone Shopping Center, ski resorts, Park City Historic District, and various trails. Rockport Reservoir State Park is also nearby, offering opportunities for boating and fishing. Overall, Wanship provides a unique and desirable living experience in a beautiful natural setting. Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat or a place to enjoy outdoor activities, this subdivision offers a range of properties to suit your needs.

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